DC Charging Pile Introduction

As the name implies, it is the pile equipment for the car charging, and it can achieve timing, power calculation, and amount of calculation.

The current charging pile is divided into two types, AC charging piles and DC Charging Pile. The main difference is that AC charging piles require car carrier charger。

AC charging pile: slow charging, small current, small pile body, long charging time. Generally around 7kW.

 DC Charging Pile: Fast, large current, large pile body, and short charging time. Generally 15kw or more


 The inverter is to convert the optical energy to electrical energy. During this inverter process, large interference will be generated, and the stability and anti -interference capacity of the product are high. In addition, the photovoltaic inverter feedback will be measured back to the commercial transmission system. And storage, so large -capacity storage is required, and it must be stable enough, otherwise it will cause direct economic losses after loss. In addition, we also need a wealth of communication interfaces, multi -road RS232, RS485, Shuanglu Ethernet and other needs.

  System specification:


  Recommended scheme:

Weathink Electronics is recommended to use the core board of Cortex R NA8 processor for DC Charging Pile’s needs. Very stable.


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