Photovoltaic inverter introduction

  Photovoltaic Inverter (PV Inverter or Solar R NINVERTER) can convert the variable database generated by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels into the inverter of the city’s electrical AC power (AC), which can be feeded back to the commercial transmission system, or for it Power grid to use. Photovoltaic Inverter is one of the important system balance (BOS) in the photovoltaic array system, which can be used in conjunction with general AC devices.


The advantages of my country’s inverters in the global industrial chain are huge, and according to CPIA’s total data exports in 2019, it still accounts for more than 60 % of the overseas installed capacity. Europe and the United States are the core demand areas of Photovoltaic Inverter.

At present, the global Photovoltaic Inverter’s shipments are basically in a high -speed growth state, and the growth trend year by year is obvious. In 2020, the global Photovoltaic Inverter’s newly added and replaced the overall market size was 135.7GW. In 2021, the global Photovoltaic Inverter’s new and replacing the overall market size will reach approximately 187GW. In 2025, the global Photovoltaic Inverter will add and replace the overall market will be expected to reach the market size of 401GW.

  System specification

 The inverter is to convert the optical energy to electrical energy. During this inverter process, large interference will be generated, and the stability and anti -interference capacity of the product are high. In addition, the photovoltaic inverter feedback will be measured back to the commercial transmission system. And storage, so large -capacity storage is required, and it must be stable enough, otherwise it will cause direct economic losses after loss. In addition, we also need a wealth of communication interfaces, multi -road RS232, RS485, Shuanglu Ethernet and other needs.

  Recommended scheme:

Weathink Electronics For these needs of Photovoltaic Inverter, it is recommended to use the core board of Cortex R NA8 processor. The communication interface is rich, the operating system is reliable, the human -machine interaction is convenient, and the database function is supported. Of course Stablize.


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