Sales machine introduction

Automatic vending machine is a machine that can automatically pay according to the invested coins. Automatic vending machine is a commonly used equipment for commercial automation. It is not limited by time and place, which can save manpower and convenient transactions. It is a new form of commercial retail, which is also known as a micro -supermarket opened for 24 hours.


With the takeoff of the Chinese economy, since the end of the last century, after nearly two decades of development, the domestic self -service vending machine industry has developed well. According to incomplete statistics, my country’s self -service vending machines are mainly distributed in developed areas of coastal areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian, Hangzhou, and Zhejiang. Due to the flexibility and low operating costs of the self -service vending machine, it is widely welcomed by consumers and merchants.The development potential of the self -service vending machine industry has huge development potential and the market space is broad.

  System SPECIFICATION and Recommendations

Based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and sensors, the Self -Guided Selling Machine controlled by the built -in embedded computer system platform not only supports consumers to scan and purchase, settlement payment, but also transmit the product category and quantity in real -time transmission and record in the background. Use data to implement intelligent category management such as food, department stores, beauty, and medical care.

  Recommended scheme:

Weathink Electronics focuses on new retail and gives full play to its own technical advantages. It is based on the I.MX6 platform and the industrial control board created by the Qualcomm platform.

In order to meet the Self -GUIDED SELLLING MACHINE multifunctional extension and the continuous operating needs of 7*24 hours, Weathink embedded computers also increase the rich serial ports, USB, GPIO and other I/O functional interfaces, and strictly build in accordance with industrial standards, as well as It has all -around application characteristics such as low power consumption, high expansion, high stability, high reliability.


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