SMART Access Cabinet Introduction

 Why is smart storage cabinet used it? It is because it can be managed by the ordinary electronic storage cabinet to manage the cabinet than it can be matched with the computer software. It is more convenient to manage the merchants than ordinary cabinets, and the intelligent storage cabinet belt belt The experience for users is great, and the complete spontaneous storage process can make customers more popular.


  System SPECIFICATION and Recommendations

The intelligent storage cabinet is convenient and secure. It uses mobile phone QR codes, SMS, obtaining code, IC card, etc. as access vouchers. It has extremely high security, simple operation methods, convenient use, and effectively avoiding all kinds of unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary unnecessary Trouble. The display of the intelligent storage cabinet can provide customers with a clear use of prompts; the intelligent storage cabinet is open to the masses in an unmanned managed sharing. In actual life, it can be Seeing the use of intelligent storage cabinets, anyone can use the storage cabinet, which not only improves the time of customer access, but also saves labor costs. While bringing convenience to the masses, it also fully uses idle resources to prevent resources from resources to prevent resources of resources. waste.

  Recommended scheme:

Weathink Electronics focuses on new retail and gives full play to its own technical advantages. It is based on the I.MX6 platform and the industrial control board created by the Qualcomm platform.

 In order to meet the Smart Access Cabinet multi -function expansion and 7*24 -hour continuous operation requirements, Weathink embedded computer also increases the rich serial port, USB, GPIO and other I/O functional interfaces, and strictly follow industrial standards, which has both. Low -power consumption, high extension, high stability, high reliability and other all -around application characteristics.


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