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Seminar Introduction

1. Introduction to LCD Screen chip
RISA Electronics has a very rich product line. Among them, the RZ series 64 -bit MPU covers an excellent AI acceleration performance processor from the entry -level real -time industrial processor to supporting 4K high -definition images. The online Seminar is combined with the Risa Electronics MPU business development and Nanjing commercial electronics, especially for multimedia entertainment systems and industrial automation (including programming logic Control, industrial human machine interaction and other application scenarios).
2. LCD Screen is used in the industrial market
With the rapid development of the Industrial Internet of Things, the industrial gateway as the Core Board device is very important. Some industrial gateways are applied to the new energy Photovoltaic Inverter, some are used in industrial occasions such as smart power, while others play an important role in smart manufacturing. Therefore, it is an important part of the intelligent manufacturing of industrial manufacturing. The main frequency of the G2L chip launched by RISA is as high as 1.2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A55 subsystem to provide strong marginal computing capabilities, and integrates the wealth of dual Gigabit Ethernet, up to 7 serial ports, 2 CANFD and other rich communication interfaces. Meet the needs of complex communication.
3. Introduction to LCD Screen Industrial Core Board
The LCD ScreenCore Board launched by Weathink is widely used in industries such as industry, medical care, power and other industries with small size, full function, and strong performance. Users can choose the appropriate Core Board according to the needs of the application environment. Core Board can be convenient Fast construction of soft and hardware system platforms, reducing development difficulties, shortening product development cycles, and reducing investment in R & D costs, helping customers to achieve final products simply and quickly.


Chen Rong • Product Manager of the Development Department of Risampu Business Development Department

Currently serving as Shenzhen Branch of RISA Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., who has long been engaged in the IIOT and chip product market -related work for a long time, and has an in -depth understanding of industrial automation, network communication and its related semiconductor chip market applications and trends.

Li Qingyi • Manager of Sales and Technical Support Department of the Volkswagen Market of Risa

He has been engaged in semiconductor technical support and promotion work for more than ten years, focusing on multimedia application processors in the field of industrial automation and industrial Ethernet fields. Support the industry -headed customers to conduct product selection, definition, design and technical support. Has the technical support experience of industrial HMI, industrial automation Control, industrial Ethernet processor. At present, the technical support of RZG, RZT and RZN series processors in RENESAS East China Technology Support Team

Duke (Gong Wenyu) • Technical Support Manager

He has been engaged in semiconductor technical support and promotion for more than ten years, focusing on industrial Internet of Things, industrial Ethernet, BMS, sensor and other applications. Current。

Ni Mengyu • Product Manager of Weathink Electronic Co., Ltd.

More than ten years of MPU processor development and product experience, familiar with market applications such as industrial gateway, new energy, smart medical care and other market applications.

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