On December 6, 2022, Weathink became RENESASRISA Electronic MPU China Mainland Certification Preferred Partner, which is the official IDH of Japan’s RISA semiconductor.



As the global ten -major semiconductor chip supplier, RISA Electronics is a supplier of system solutions for RISA Electronics and customers in its professional field.

The partners not only need to be proficient in the use of RISA electronics products, but also provide professional solutions, especially the various tricky problems encountered in the mass production stage have rich experience in solving, and can escort customer products quickly.



About RISA Electronic Renesas

RENESASRISA Electronics is one of the top ten semiconductor chip suppliers in the world. It has won the world’s highest market share in many areas such as mobile communications, car electronics and PC/AV R n. Renesas was merged and established by Hitachi Machinery Semiconductor Semiconductor Department and Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Department. Renesas combines Hitachi and Mitsubishi’s advanced technologies and rich experience in semiconductors. It is a global leading supplier of wireless networks, automobiles, consumption and industrial market design and manufacturing embedded semiconductors.


About Weathinkweathink

Weathink is a scientific and technological enterprise that focuses on the research and development, design, customization, production, and sales of embedded core Control system. And rich experience in EMI/EMC electromagnetic compatibility, can provide intelligent display solutions for industrial industry users and the overall solution of the Industrial Internet of Things.

The company has the industry’s first -class software and hardware development team and very rich product mass production experience, and in the concept of: multi -"vitamin" design, "core" future, and "Ke" in the world, it provides customers with professional ARM Products and technical services such as industrial control boards, ARMCORE BOARD, ARM Industrial Gatements can be widely used in industrial fields such as industrial Control, new energy, new retail, smart medical care, environmental monitoring, industrial instruments, electricity and transportation.



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