Environmental Protection Ceremony Introduction

Environmental Protection CereMony is a data collection gateway released by the National Environmental Protection Agency on the collection of pollution sources. Its main workflow is to calculate the data collected by RS232/RS485 provided by the Environmental Protection Ceremony. take over,Storage, transmission and other series of tasks. Environmental Protection Ceremony can be transmitted to the collected data through the wireless network, and at the same time provides historical data storage and query functions.For subsequent calls。


  System specification

This device is an industrial-grade smart terminal product that is completely designed and produced in accordance with industrial-grade standards, which fully meets the national HJ/T477-2009 standards. It has high reliability and security. It can pass the digital signal interface/analog signal interface and any one. The connection between species or multiple online monitoring equipment/instruments is a data collection and transmission equipment that integrates data collection, pre -processing, storage, and transmission. It has the characteristics of convenient, fast, real -time, and eternal online. It makes the on -site application extremely convenient, and easily realize the "four remote" (remote control, telemetry, remote faith, remote adjustment) function of the Environmental Protection Bureau’s monitoring point.

The products are mainly used for the collection and transmission of online monitoring data of industrial enterprise pollutants and online monitoring data, and provide real -time, accurate and complete data for the environmental online monitoring system.

  Recommended scheme:

 Weathink Electronics for ENVIRONMENTAL Protection These needs of CEREMONY are recommended to use the motherboard of the Cortex A8 processor. The communication interface is rich, the operating system is reliable, the human -machine interaction is convenient, and the database function is supported.


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